South Holland, NL

  • 4 lots totaling 42 acres
  • Lots ranging from 7 to 15 acres
  • Onsite rail; Kijfhoek rail terminal nearby
  • Waterfront access to the Beneden Merwede River
  • Significant facility assets and amenities


Multiple development sites available for lease within an active, multi-tenant industrial facility located in the Netherlands. The property owner seeks interested parties to lease individual or multiple sites. The property boasts excellent infrastructure, utilities, and transportation assets in a low-cost, business-friendly environment.

Property Facts

  • Address: Baanhoekweg 22, 3313 LA Dordrecht
  • Total Acreage: Approximately 42 acres (17 hectares)
  • Parcels: Available 4 lots available for lease ranging from approximately 7 to 15 acres (3 to 6 hectares)
  • Zoning: Regulated by Province South Holland, Netherlands
  • Permitting: Noise and building permits regulated by Province South Holland and municipality of Dordrecht
  • Status: Operating industrial facility

Location & Access

  • Region: South Holland Drecht Cities; Industrial area “de Staart”
  • Neighborhood: Waterfront industrial facility
  • Site Access: Route N3 provides direct access to A15, and A16 is accessible in less than 15 minutes
  • Airport: Rotterdam Airport within 1.5 hours by public transport and 1 hour by car; Amsterdam Airport within 2 hours by public transport and 1 hour by car; Eindhoven Airport within 2.5 hours by public transport and 1 hour by car
  • Rail Service: Rail track spur connects directly to main line; inter-site rail system available; Kijfhoek rail terminal nearby
  • Water Access: Direct access to the Beneden Merwede River; potential for barge service with excellent connection to Rotterdam Harbor

Property Assets

The property provides significant industrial access and infrastructure that may be of interest to future users.

  • Water (potable, cooling, process)
  • Steam
  • On-site waste water treatment
  • Electric
  • Natural Gas
  • Compressed Air
  • Nitrogen

Facility Amenities

The property features extensive amenities available to future tenants. These shared assets provide significant value to industrial end users.

  • 24-hour security force and security technology
  • Two certified 160,000-pound capacity scales
  • Hydraulic truck cranes (up to 350-ton capacity)
  • Hydraulic cherry pickers (up to 60-ton capacity)
  • Fork truck capacity
  • Staffed lab facilities
  • Staffed fire brigade and facilities

Available Parcels

Four (4) development lots of varying size and characteristics are available for lease within an operational manufacturing facility.

  • Lot 1 – 10 acres (4.1 hectares)
  • Lot 2 – 9.4 acres (3.8 hectares)
  • Lot 3 – 14.8 acres (6 hectares)
  • Lot 4 – 7.2 acres (2.9 hectares)