Maitland, Ontario, Canada

  • Approximately 549 total acres
  • Excellent access to international markets
  • Industrial zone
  • Close proximity to international border crossings
  • Accessible to 2 major highways
  • Excellent rail service
  • Deep water port access
  • Serviced by all major utilities


The property owner seeks to identify interested developers or end users to acquire and reuse and/or redevelop the Maitland Industrial Property located in Ontario, Canada. This industrial property has excellent access to international markets and transportation options, including highways, international border crossings, and a deep water port. A Fact Sheet on the property and the current Expression of Interest process can be downloaded here.

Property Facts

  • Address: 1400 County Road #2 East, Maitland, Ontario KOE 1PO
  • Total Acreage:  ~549 total acres; ~70-acre chemical plant and ~479-acre landfill and restricted area
  • Tax Parcels: 2 parcels
  • Current Zoning: MP – Industrial Park
  • Status: Chemical manufacturing operations at the 70-acre plant site ceased in 2018. The processing vessels and equipment associated with the chemical plant site are in good working condition.

Location & Access

Located in the Township of Augusta within the Province of Ontario, Canada, this property offers a unique redevelopment opportunity. The parcels are part of a larger multi-owner 1500-acre industrial complex located in a heavily industrialized area of Maitland, predominantly occupied by chemical industries. This chemical cluster is unique in Ontario. It is one of only two chemical industrial areas with land buffer areas significant enough to ensure safe and responsible industrial development for heavy industrial operations.

  • Region: Ontario East Region
  • Location: Industrial
  • Site Access: Access to two major highways; direct access to County Road #2 and approximately 5 km from Highway 401
  • Airport: Approximately 30 minutes from the Ogdensburg International Airport and an hour from the Ottawa International Airport
  • Rail Access: Canadian National (CN) rail spurs on site
  • Water Access: Deep water port access at the Port of Johnstown

Property Assets

The Maitland Industrial Property is serviced by all major utilities. In addition, a number of economic development incentives and resources are available through Ontario East Economic Development.