Belle, WV

  • 8 lots totaling 28.2 acres
  • Set within operating multi-tenant facility
  • On-site rail service; Norfolk Southern line
  • Deep river access along the Kanawha River
  • Extensive infrastructure and on-site amenities
  • Competitive lease rates


Multiple development lots are available for lease within the multi-tenant industrial facility in Belle, West Virginia. Interested end users will have access to significant existing utilities, industrial infrastructure, and assets.  Chemours seeks synergistic users to lease all or a portion of available land areas. A Fact Sheet on the property can be downloaded here.

Property Facts

  • Address: 901 West Dupont Avenue, Belle, WV 20755
  • Total Acreage: 600-acre manufacturing site
  • Parcels for Lease: 28.2 acres available for lease
  • Current Zoning: Heavy industrial
  • Status: Operating facility with multiple industrial parcels available for lease

Location & Access

The 600 acre industrial site in Belle, West Virginia has historically been used for manufacturing purposes.  The property offers a number of attributes relative to its location.

  • Region: Mid-Atlantic Region; 10 miles SE of Charleston WV
  • Neighborhood: Riverfront industrial property
  • Site Access: Close proximity to I-64 and I-77
  • Truck Service: Nearby trucking terminals
  • Rail Service: Norfolk Southern (NS) system; Onsite rail yard
  • Deep Water: Two docks along the Kanawha River, a tributary to the Ohio River. Kanawha River joins the Ohio River at Point Pleasant, WV.

Property Assets

The property contains significant industrial assets and infrastructure that may be of interest to future users.

  • Electric
  • Natural Gas
  • Fiber Optic Network
  • Raw Water
  • Filtered, Softened, or Boiler Feed Water
  • Nitrogen
  • Steam
  • Waste Treatment Plant
  • Rail Yard
  • Truck Scales
  • Instrument and Utility Air
  • Vehicle Fueling Stations

Facility Amenities

The property features a number of amenities available to future tenants.  These shared assets provide significant value to industrial end users.

  • Security: Contract guards, security equipment, MARSEC compliant
  • Protection: Emergency Response, Incident Command, Plant Shift Supervisor
  • Maintenance: Maintenance of plant roads, fences, parking lots, and lights
  • Shipping: Small package shipping and receiving
  • Permitting: Existing RCRA, HSWA, NPDES and Reg. 13 permits

Available Parcels

Eight (8) development lots of varying size and characteristics are available for lease.

Lot 1 – 18.4 acres

Lot 2 – 5.8 acres

Lot 3 – 1.3 acres

Lot 4 – 3.1 acres

Lot 5 – 3.9 acres

Lot 6 – 1.9 acres

Lot 7 – 1.1 acres

Lot 8 – 8.0 acres