Martinsburg, WV

  • 1200+ total acres
  • Multiple development lots
  • 1 mile from I-81
  • Industrial, Commercial, Residential land uses
  • Winchester and Western Rail
  • Direct access to Potomac River


The property owner seeks to identify one or more developers or end users interested in the acquisition and redevelopment of this former manufacturing site located on the vibrant I-81 corridor. Situated just 90 miles west of Washington, DC, the property offers many locational and transportation advantages. More information on the property can be downloaded here, or visit

Property Facts

  • Address: U.S. Route 11 North, Hoffman Road, Falling Waters, WV 25401
  • Total Acreage: 1200+ acres, including:
    • 226 acres former manufacturing area
    • 354 acres buffer land
    • 662 acres former landfill and product storage area
  • Parcels: One parcel with potential for subdivision; multiple future land use opportunities
  • Current Zoning: Land use regulated by Berkeley County Planning Commission
  • Status: Former operating site; all manufacturing ceased in August 2016

Location & Access

The property is located in a well-connected region, within a 3-hour drive of major East Coast cities (Washington, DC; Baltimore, MD; Philadelphia, PA; Pittsburgh, PA). In addition, the site offers several additional attributes relative to its location.

  • Region: Eastern panhandle of West Virginia
  • Neighborhood: Property is located along the industrialized I-81 corridor between Hagerstown, MD and Winchester, VA
  • Site Access: 3 miles from 2 major I-81 interchanges
  • Airport: Regional airport within 15 miles; 3 major airports within 100 miles (Washington Dulles, Washington Reagan, BWI Thurgood Marshall)
  • Rail Service: Winchester and Western Rail Road on property
  • Water Access: Direct access to the Potomac River; 4 major ports within 250 miles (Baltimore, MD; Philadelphia, PA; NJ/JY; Norfolk, VA)

Property Assets

The property contains significant industrial assets and infrastructure that may be of interest to future end users.

  • Heavy power
  • Public water
  • Public sewer
  • Electricity (substation located on site)

Environmental Status

Former site operations were regulated under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). A Corrective Measures Study identifying the potential remediation alternatives was submitted to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in August 2016.  Future use of certain areas will be restricted to industrial and commercial land uses. Some areas are available for residential use. Areas of the property will require post-closure maintenance and monitoring activities.