Louviers, CO

  • 357+/- acres
  • Industrial and rural residential mixed land use
  • Subdivision possible
  • Located off US 85
  • 12 miles to I-25


The property owner seeks to identify one or more developers or end users interested in the acquisition and redevelopment of this former commercial and industrial site located in central Colorado. Located 20 miles south of Denver and directly adjacent to the historic Village of Louviers, this property offers a unique opportunity in the vibrant and growing Denver metro region. A Fact Sheet on the property can be downloaded here.

Property Facts

  • Address: 7255 North Main Street, Louviers, CO
  • Total Acreage: Approximately 357 acres
  • Tax Parcels: Single parcel; subdivision may be possible
  • Current Zoning: Mix of industrial and rural residential; regulated by Douglas County, CO
  • Status: Former commercial and light-use industrial property; all operations ceased in 1990

Location & Access

  • Region: Denver Metro Region
  • Neighborhood: Adjacent to historic Louviers; surrounded by industrial, agricultural, open space, and residential uses
  • Site Access: Located off US-85; 12 miles to I-25
  • Airport: 20 miles to municipal Centennial Airport; less than 50 miles to Denver International Airport

Property Assets

  • 11,300 square foot warehouse onsite
  • Well water
  • Natural gas connection available
  • Douglas County infrastructure and access improvements currently planned.

Environmental Status

Site investigation and remediation activities are underway and significant progress has been made. The property is currently regulated by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment under a closed Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) permit. Deed restrictions and land use covenants may restrict the future use of portions of the site. Some areas are available for unrestricted use. The property is subject to groundwater use restrictions and ongoing monitoring and maintenance. Opportunities exist for entities seeking to benefit from the integration of redevelopment with the remaining environmental remediation activities.