Carneys Point, NJ

  • 705 total acres
  • 176 developable acres
  • Rail service
  • Delaware River waterfront
  • Close proximity to I-295, NJ Turnpike, and I-95


Located on the banks of the Delaware River in Salem County, New Jersey, this property offers a unique redevelopment opportunity in the vibrant greater Philadelphia-Wilmington market. With waterfront access and a strategic location, the redevelopment of this property is important to the local community and the larger region. More information on the property can be downloaded here.

Property Facts

  • Address:  600 Shell Road, Carneys Point Township, New Jersey
  • Acreage: 705 total acres; approximately 176 developable acres
  • Zoning: GI-R (General Industrial – Redevelopment District)
  • Status: Former industrial facility

Location & Access

The 705-acre industrial property is located in southern New Jersey, across the Delaware River from the City of Wilmington, Delaware and 35 minutes south of the City of Philadelphia. Salem County is midway between New York City and Washington, D.C. In addition, the site offers several attributes relative to its location.

  • Region: Greater Philadelphia, Southern New Jersey and Delaware Region
  • Neighborhood: Waterfront industrial facility; surrounded by a mix of industrial, commercial, residential, open space, and agricultural uses
  • Site Access: Accessible to New Jersey Turnpike and I-295 from US-140
  • Airport: 30 minutes from Philadelphia International Airport
  • Rail Access: Excellent rail access
  • Water Access: Direct access to the Delaware River

Property Assets

The property has access to all major utilities, including electric, gas, water, sewer, and communications systems.

Based on a preliminary reuse assessment, the 705 acre property features five non-contiguous development areas, totaling approximately 176 acres, surrounded by open space and buffer land.